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Smarter and more powerful in a smaller form factor


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Smaller, faster, better. The printHAT 2 has been designed to give you the smoothest user experience and the best performance possible, in an extremely compact and reliable package.

It provides native support for Klipper, OctoPrint and Mainsails to turn your Raspberry Pi into a powerful controller for 3D printers and small CNC machines.


The printHAT 2 is the evolution of Wrecklab’s original control board. The printHAT new design relies on a proven architecture and features improvements based on the feedback received from our customer base. The printHAT 2 comes with 5x state-of-the-art TRINAMICS TMC2209 stepper drivers, 5x PWM loads, plenty of  and is based on the STM32F4  MCU to be able to control even the more demanding applications.
The printHAT 2 comes in a smaller form factor and, most importantly, at the same price, to give you more bang for your buck!
Not everything has changed though. The board still runs on Klipper, a control firmware capable of performing the computationally complex algorithms on the Raspberry Pi powerful CPU and leaving the time critical tasks to the embedded MCU. Klipper is a mature, constantly growing, software that, as of today, has been widely adopted by printer builders, makers, and enthusiasts.
The printHAT 2 allows to turn your Raspberry Pi into a control board which provides unprecedented performances and finally solves any electronics related bottleneck when it comes to printing speed.
If you are new to the printHAT ecosystem or coming from another controller or firmware,  the new wrecklabOS can get you started in a matter of minutes. Its improved installer package makes the installation a breeze for busy beginners, while still leaving plenty of options for the requirements of the more experienced users.

Technical Specs


STM32F401, 32-bit Cortex M3, 128K FLASH, 64K RAM

Input Voltage

9-26 V

Stepper drivers

5x TMC2209

PWM Loads

3x 8A, 2x 0.5A - 10A total


3x 12-bit


9x configurable IOs


1x SPI, 1x I2C, enhanced endstop accuracy via stepper phase detection, sensorless homing, extremely quiet motion via StealthChop


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