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Fast, space efficient daughter board for Raspberry Pi, the PrintHAT turns the single board computer into a controller for 3D printers and small CNC machines.

The board runs on Klipper, a Python based control firmware with a smart architecture, that runs the computational complex algorithms on the Raspberry PI powerful CPU and leaves only the time critical tasks for the embedded MCU.

This combination turns into a control board which provides unprecedented performances and finally solves any electronics related bottleneck when it comes to printing speed.


The WreckLab printHAT is a high performance controller board for the Raspberry Pi and currently the only such board on the market specifically designed around the increasingly recognized Klipper firmware. In simple terms: Klipper’s architecture is designed to distribute the computational overhead for high speed, high resolution motor steps to a powerful microcomputer (e.g. Raspberry Pi), freeing up the controller board to execute those steps with greater smoothness and precision.

The printHAT is directed primarily at printing enthusiasts and small businesses who are looking into (or already using) OctoPrint as one of their primary 3D printer controller interfaces.

Transitioning from other controllers and firmwares? No problem! The printHAT comes with a dummy-proof installer package that makes installation a breeze for busy beginners, while also being customizable to the requirements of more experienced users. Whether you are in the market for a new machine or wish to upgrade your current configuration, the printHAT + Raspberry Pi configuration packs features, power and convenience in a small, clean form factor with minimum hassle and plenty of documentation.

Technical Specs


STM32F103, 32-bit Cortex M3, 128K FLASH, 20K RAM

Input Voltage

9-26 V

Stepper drivers

4x TMC2130

PWM Loads

4x, 8A ch. - 10A tot.


2x 12-bit


8x configurable


Enhanced endstop accuracy via stepper phase detection - Sensorless homing - Quiet motion via StealthChop


To achieve the high-end quality and durability typical of the Wrecklab products, our control boards are designed around embedded stepper drivers. Compared to the widespread stepsticks our choice allows for an optimal electrical, thermal and mechanical design, virtually eliminating the risk of premature failure. The reliability of this solution is backed by the smart functions of the best-in-class TRINAMIC drivers we use. Having tested most of the drivers available on the market we are confident that our products implement the latest and greatest in control technology within an optimal design that will not disappoint you.

The BLtouch is fully supported by Klipper and the printHAT 1. Wire the sensor as follow:

  • Use the 5V available on J14-1 to power it
  • Use any ground pin for the ground connections
  • Sensor pin (white): PC10 (M1)
  • Control pin (orange): PC9 (M0)

The procedure on how to set it up in Klipper is well described here.

It’s very common to have a dual-Z setups in cartesian printers. Even if the printHAT v1.0 has only 4 stepper drivers, it is still possible to use it on this type of machine. It simply requires the use of a Y-split from a single driver to connect the two stepper motors. There are plenty of options commercially available, or this can be simply made in-house. Normally the current required of the Z-axis is quite limited on these machines, so the TMC2130s have plenty of power to run the two stepper drivers in parallel.

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