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Wrecklab offers a broad spectrum of competences relevant to custom electronics design for OEM, small-medium enterprises and start-up companies. Our design experience ranges from safety-critical fault-tolerant designs for aerospace, to high-performance low-noise systems for research applications, to cost-effective mass-market solutions. We provide a complete service, from the initial concept to final product manufacturing. We can assist our clients in the redaction of product specifications to ensure the most efficient design workflow.

Wrecklab can engineer and develop mechanical assemblies, like enclosures and frames, as well as mechanisms for automatic machines and robots. To reduce time to market we rely upon in-house rapid prototyping to quickly test multiple concepts and produce an optimized final product.

For projects with very demanding specification, Wrecklab relies on in-house modeling competences. The simulation space is very broad and typical tasks range from thermal analysis of interfaces and cooling of electronics devices, to FEM and optimization of structural lightweight components, to multibody simulation of mechatronic systems.

Wrecklab has built its know-how in the development of modern, innovative and aesthetically pleasing control and user software for automation and lab equipment. Today, we master C++ / Qt multi-platform programming, Python, real-time systems and programming of embedded systems (embedded Linux, ARM, AVR). We work according to lean software development best practices, which are based on an agile work-flow combined with continuous integration and unit testing. These are an integral component of our daily work in the creation of reliable software products.

Going from prototyping to production can be daunting, especially for SMEs and start-ups who face it for the first time. Every project we support benefits from our holistic product view. The close collaboration of our electronics, software and mechanical engineers are the key to reach an optimal design for manufacturing.


Firefly - The Firefly 3D Printer

Design and development of a custom control board for an advanced-materials FDM printer

NanoInsight - Instrumentation for a scientific research project

Development of custom instrumentation and analysis software for cutting-edge scientific experiments in worldwide renowned research institutions

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